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Complicity 2017

The 3rd Photo Biennial of Szeklerland 2017

The exhibition will be opened at the Transylvanian Art Center, Sfântu Gheorghe, on the 14 of October 2017.



Davis Orton Gallery Portfolio Showcase

Pat Horner

Astrid Reischwitz

Portfolio Showcase 
Carol Erb & Teresa Meier

Exhibition Dates: September 2 – October 1, 2017

Reception for Artists: Saturday, September 9, 5-7 pm  

114 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534


Complicity, 2017  Director's Honorable Mention Award

Exhibition Dates | December 22 – January 27, 2018

Public + Artists’ Reception |  January 26, 2018

THEME | Water
Water is a prominent theme in the art of photography both visually and conceptually and across a multitude of photographic genres. We welcome images about water issues and images of water in all it’s many forms, e.g. fog, oceans, snow, drought, etc. All artist renditions on the water theme, genres, capture types and photographic processes are eligible for the exhibition.


JUROR | Jennifer Murray

Jennifer Murray is the Executive Director of Filter Photo where she directs the planning of Filter Photo Festival as well as programming at Filter Space gallery. She is a founding member of the Chicago-based curatorial collective The Exhibition Project, which curates photography related exhibitions engaging new audiences with emerging artists. She was Director of Averill and Bernard Leviton A+D Gallery, at Columbia College Chicago for eleven years where she organized a broad range of exhibitions in art and design.


Excited to announce that I'll be giving an artist talk at SPENW this fall in Corvallis, Oregon! Subscribe to stay updated and learn more about what me and my work.

Imagemaker: The Witness Within

Presenter: Teresa Meier

Saturday, October 21 - 10:00AM to 10:50AM
LiNC 302

The presentation will center around constructing narrative and creating a universal narrative from a personal
mythology, as well as discuss artistic influences, personal and historical, and how the aesthetic choices made within the series support and communicate the over arching concepts of home, family, identity, and place within the work.

Illuminate & Provoke: SPE-NW 2017

When October 20-21, 2017
Where Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
Keynote Speaker Richard Misrach
Featured Speakers Alexis Pike

Two days of photographic workshops, presentations & discussions, featuring the works of Christopher Russell, Rafael Soldi, Nicole Jean Hill and Alexis Pike. Richard Misrach is our keynote speaker for SPE-NW 2017.

SPE-NW has welcomed proposals from photographers, artists, writers, educators, curators, historians, and professionals from other fields for the 2017 northwest regional conference: Illuminate and Provoke. We will be releasing a detailed schedule of the conference in the coming weeks.

On Friday, the conference will begin at 1pm and will start with a choice of three-hour in-depth workshops. On Saturday, individual and shorter presentations will take place alongside opportunities for portfolio reviews. The keynote speaker is Richard Misrach and featured artists include Nicole Jean Hill, Alexis Pike, Christopher Russell, and Rafael Soldi.

Topics are not limited to the theme and may include image-making, history, contemporary theory and criticism, multidisciplinary approaches, new technologies, effects of media and culture, educational issues, funding, professional practices, and presentations of work in photography, film, video, performance, and installation.


I am incredibly honored for the nomination for the Ringholz Art Supply Award!

I'm amazed, delighted, and very grateful for your generosity Amy. Thank You!!! 


For this month's issue, Light Leaked invited artists to to submit photographs that have a strong sense of narrative within an each individual frame. This included any interpretation from physically constructed and manipulated photographs to staged scenes to documentary imagery.

Dana Stirling and Yoav Friedlander are the co-founders and editors of Float Photo Magazine, a virtual space that showcases young artist from all over the world, from portfolio features to Instagram takeovers and online exhibitions. Float brings together well-known photographers and young artists to share, learn, and offer opportunities for exposure and community. Float aims to establish a place of creativity and inspiration.
Dana Stirling is a still life and fine art photographer born in Jerusalem, Israel 1989, and based in Queens, NY. Dana received her MFA From the School of Visual Arts in Photography, Video and Related Media and has a BA from Hadassah College Jerusalem in Photographic Communications (2013). Dana’s work has been showcased internationally and published in numerous publications around the world.
Yoav Friedlander is a fine art photographer who specializes in both scale models and landscape photography. Born 1985 Israel and based in Queens, NY. He earned his B.A in Photography from Hadassah College Jerusalem (2011), and his MFA from the School of Visual Arts (2014). Friedländer has exhibited his work internationally at Belfast Photo Festival, Dusseldorf Photo Weekend, Eretz Israel Museum and at the Bronx Museum of the Art. 

Artist Included: Kelly Ciurej​, ​Aaron WaxAline SmithsonAlexander DiazMariah Karson, ​Amy Friend, ​Alessandro CiccarelliHeidi Clapp - Temple, Sam Marie, ​Alec Kaus, ​Poli Blum​Rachel JumpMélanie Desriaux​Donna Cooper Hurt, ​Jennifer Garza-Cuen, ​Susan KeiserMaryanne GobbleLily Mayfield, Conner GordonChloe Meynier, ​Jeanette May, ​Anna EveslageAngelina Kidd, ​Kelly MageeTeresa Meier, ​Kumi Oguro, ​Shannon Smith, ​Pavel Romaniko, ​Jason Tannen​Ashley Parker Owens, ​Hiro Tanaka, ​Zhiyuan Yang



Mostra Collettiva Fotografica - Grafica

OPENING 1 Giugno 2017 ore 19:00 presso Millepiani
Via Nicolò Odero, 13 Roma
Photo - Graphic Collective Exhibition

OPENING 1st jUNE 2017 - 7:00 pm 
Millepiani - Via Nicolò Odero, 13 Rome. Italy

This exhibition will expose a "Surreal Vision" of today's society, on Surreal avant-garde inspiration and an interpretation of today's reality increasingly influenced by new media and technologies.
1 / 9 June - Agota Kranacs, Alex Apt, Amy Parrish, Anna Alpatieva, Christoph Hofbauer, Daniel Mariotti, Kathleen Rogers, Kristina S.Myaso, Lenka Rayn H.,Lynette Miller, Marta Wapiennik, Merve Ayparlar, Nicole Campanello, Pawel Maruszak, Peter Ydeen, Pictoria Newhouse, Ralph Klewitz, Samye Asher, Sena Cakiroglu, Tamira Boogaard, Teresa Meier, Urizen Freaza

12 / 20 June - Alex Valone, Anastasia, Anett Udud, Benjamin Haskins, Charlotte Berndsen, Chystal Olivero, Daniel Keys, Diana N. Jeon, Elena Grossi, Elizabeth Rovit, Erika Morillo, Guilherme Bergamini, Jorge Barbosa, Kid Bazzle, Ljubica Denkovic, Mara Foley, Michael V. Manalo, Natalia Mansano, Po CHeng Liao, Samara Sallam, Stephan GroB, Tania B. Olaibi.

21 / 30 June - Beata Podwysocka, Berta Martirosyan, Boris Marinin, Brandon Halley, Christine Miess, Emanuele Amighetti, Hana Sackler, Heather Ross, Ja Turla, Joshua Sarinana, Mar Kaczmarek, Maryna Makarenko, Natalia Lucia, Nhawfal Juma'at, Paola Cerroni, Rebecca Eskilsson, Rene Maurin, Steven Bowers, TOÛA TOÛA, Veronica Liuzzi, Weronika Jedrzejczak

Communication Arts Interactive Annual 23

Check out my showcase on page 83 of the March/April Communication Arts Interactive Annual 23. 

The showcase features images from the Witness Within series, my thesis project for my MFA in fine art photography from the Academy of Art University.  

Artist Statement:

“You have to understand, my dears, that the shortest distance between a truth and a human being is a story.”

~ Anthony de Mello, One Minute Wisdom

Being born the youngest, particularly among seven children, affords you the distinct advantage of going unnoticed. You get to watch lives and stories unfold. You are too young to understand, so you become an unknowing confidant, an idle listener with an uncomprehending gaze. You witness it all. Through the telescope of time, stories and lives are seen and comprehension slowly dawns. Memories are repetitiously analyzed, carefully handled and examined like an old photograph, causing truths to mutate, crack, fade and elude you. So you pursue them like Alice chasing her white rabbit down his hole, only to find yourself, like Alice, back at the beginning with only yourself. Only now, you are awake. 

In the words of Frida Kahlo, these images are the most honest expression of myself that I can show you. They represent all the things that I saw, all that I witnessed and experienced, disassembled, analyzed, and meticulously rebuilt into my own personal mythology. I sought out landscapes I’d ventured through, mimicked the unnerving symmetry of the suburban neighborhoods from my childhood, remembered my constant cat companion, and realized that vivid pink skies will always signify home to me. I carried around a box of family photos that as a child I had spent hours poring over, trying to make all the pieces of family fit together into some kind of whole.  I thought about the religion and father that damned me before I was born. I packed it all up, carried it with me, and let each place tell a piece of the story as I came to know it—slowly, in bits and pieces, out of time, and from many different points of view.

I seduce viewers with rich, fantastical colors and landscapes, hoping to open their minds and hearts and send them on a journey to discover their own personal narratives, bringing them back to themselves and their truths.

The images are best printed and viewed 48”x72”

The Belly is currently on exhibit at Ube Gallery in Berkeley, California.