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Don't Take Pictures - The View From Here

"Don’t Take Pictures is pleased to announce the results of our online exhibition The View From Here. 50 images of photographs of current quarantine views or views longed for were selected and will be on view through August 18. Visit the exhibitions page to view the entire show.

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PhotoPlace Gallery - Director's Award

Water: Element of Change

Juror: Hannah Frieser

Juror's Statement

Early seafaring diaries tell of endless adventures while exploring the vast oceans. They reminisce about the abundance of fish, the mystery, the beauty, but also the dangers and hardships of taking to the sea. Across time and civilizations, water has lost little of its mesmerizing hold on us, inspiring countless paintings, novels and accounts of daring action. The photographers in this exhibition marvel at the magnificence of water in its many manifestations from microscopic ice crystal to endless expanse beyond the horizon, life-sustaining or threatening, gentle and generous, or savagely volatile. When people are present, they are usually submerged for a refreshing swim, as if mere observation from the shores is not enough. Water calls to us with a sweet and irresistible siren’s call. In most image water and nature are shown in harmony, though there are also suggestions of civilization encroaching. Humans, it seems, are called to nature to take in its grandeur, while also becoming its greatest threat.

The exhibition drew an abundance of images that stretched to far corners of the world, yet also discovered adventures in photographers’ backyards. The images celebrate, glorify, immerse and connect. Image after image, we are enticed by nature’s wholesome beauty. While styles and viewpoints stretch the full gamut of highest quality, it is worthwhile to highlight a few of the submissions.  The photographs by Juror’s Award recipient Carlos Causo are breathtakingly beautiful. Image after image, the perfect place coincides with the perfect breeze, the perfect sun and the most dramatic sky pattern. The photographs convey a freshness in perspective combined with an overall sense of discovery. It is all too easy to imagine that we too could frolic at these beaches, lazily drift on our floating cushions in the pool, or take our raft into these gentle waves. On the other hand, the photograph by Director’s Award recipient Teresa Meier is one of the few constructed images that has created rather than discovered its vista. This fantastical interpretation suggests mankind’s fraught relationship to nature. A man lies submerged on a scaly seabed, seemingly enjoying the view through a stereo viewfinder. A goldfish, freshly escaped from its glass cage, is compelled toward the lure of another one of steel, suspended tantalizingly by a woman. A storm is brewing, human civilization may be at its end, and yet the sun breaks through the clouds promising a continuation of life.

Umbrella Arts Center

We just launched our Artcubator program this month! One of our studio spaces is dedicated to hosting visiting artists and cool projects. For December - February, we are hosting Teresa Meier Photography and Alexander Davis Dance - ADD to work on photography and fiber arts installation #spaceforartists #spaceforart #risktaking#experimentation #creativecommunity #concordma 


PhotoPlace Gallery
Juror: Emma Powell
Gallery exhibition: December 6, 2018 - January 5, 2019

Juror's Statement

I was honored to review so many remarkable and intriguing photographs. Thank you to all the artists who contributed their work. I believe it is imagination that connects the images in this selection, both the artist’s creative intent as well as the imagination inspired in the viewer.

 When reviewing the images for Fictional Narrative, I found myself particularly drawn to images that made me curious about their greater context or storyline. These images made me want to envision the world they came from. I also looked for the mysterious images that conveyed intimate details while also relating to more universal themes. I was impressed by how aesthetically compelling these images are. From depth of atmosphere to elements of design, these images stood out to me for their visual strength.

 To me, fictional narratives in photography allow us the freedom to explore our own lives through metaphor and fantasy, while also giving us room to nurture our creativity and escape from the mundane. Please take the time to be immersed in the stories these images tell and see where they take you.  

             Emma Powell

Dec 01, 2018

I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Fitts at the New England Portfolio Reviews this year, thanks to the Griffin Museum of Photography. Jim took the time to look over my work with me, talk about the business of fine art photography, and offered some sage advice on navigating from an emerging photographer to a professional photographer.

Jim was knowledgable and a delight and I'm truly glad to have met him. I look forward to hopefully more of his humorous and straight forward advice in the future.

If you haven't been by his blog, Photoweenie.com, I highly recommend you check it out. There are some wonderful reviews and insightful musings on the fine art photography world. And the latest feature is yours truly, so you know it must be good 

Thanks Photoweenie for a beautiful feature!

To view the entire feature as well as many more thoughtful articles and some useful advice visit Photoweenie.com

52 Photographers
Nov 20, 2018

52 Photographers

Thank you Andy Duncan for a lovely feature 

If you haven't visited 52 photographers yet, you're in for a treat. Andy has been busy curating a wonderful selection of artists for your viewing pleasure.

I noticed Andy recently featured the lovely work of Diana Bloomfield. If you're intrigued and want to know more, Elin Spring over at "What Will You Remember" (another fantastic resource) recently included Diana's work in a lovely post. 

Andy himself is wonderful photographer. Find out more about him at http://www.andydduncan.com/


Come see all the amazing new work and join me at the opening night, Friday June 15th!

Get a preview of the selected works that will be on display here

The Approach in response to "Why Photography?"

COOPH, a photography apparel manufacturer and community-focused online mag that recognizes and supports people passionate about photography recently featured some of my work in a visual Q & A

COOPH asked questions and I answered with imagery. Enjoy!


Hubris and Hamartia ~ Allies and Enemies

Myths, Legends, and Dreams

Juror: Amy Holmes-George

Gallery exhibition: March 7 – March 31, 2018

Juror’s Statement

Wow! What a thrill and an honor to review such compelling and thought-provoking imagery with extraordinary levels of ingenuity. Thanks to all the artists who shared their work with me. The theme Myths, Legends, and Dreams lends itself to a rich and multi-interpretational platform for making art—art that can be playful and haunting, abstract and representational as well as literal and imagined. You will see all approaches considered in the works selected for this exhibition. These images stand as a testament to the ever-broadening definition of the medium of photography, while also offering refreshing takes on classic tales, dreamscapes, and difficult-to-explain phenomena.

I believe there is an element of magic that unites all this work, along with the unusual capacity to connect with the viewer in deeply profound ways. I was especially fascinated by images that emerged from developed bodies of work, in which the artist is pursuing a cohesive photographic vision. It’s always exciting to discover an artist who understands how to harmonize his/her creative voice, establishing a signature style that can be easily identified yet does not appear formulaic, familiar, or redundant. Also, I encountered a lot of work that surprised me with its clever transcendental quality—taking me somewhere else, a place of the artist’s invention. Much of the beauty of a photograph is in its inherent nature to communicate a “truth.” However, many of the images in this show challenged my sense of what’s real by fabricating a convincing “new reality.”

~ Amy Holmes-George