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Jan 14, 2019
Surrealism or Weird Shit?

Recently, when discussing my work with another, their response was oh, wow, there is much more to your work than I realized. I thought you were just putting weird shit together. This makes me laugh. The art world generally uses the term surrealism, but I suppose weird shit is equally accurate. 
So why do I use surrealism in my work? How does this help to tell my story? I find it a very effective and natural way for discussing the intangible, the things that we feel but cannot see, the weird shit that I find infinitely interesting. And I say natural simply because of how my mind works--I think in imagery and am incredibly literal, so metaphors become my playground. 

I enjoy the way surrealism teases the mind. It hints at things you know, but cannot prove, the magic in the everyday. My hope is that it sparks your curiosity and wonder and allows you to lose yourself in your own narrative. 

By tapping into wonder, I encourage the feelings of surprise, curiosity, contemplation, and joy. Surprise allows us to reexamine and revise our concepts and beliefs, and curiosity prompts us to learn more. In short, wonder draws us outside of ourselves and reconnects us to something greater, the sublime, which is something we all desperately need, especially, now.

So wether you call it surrealism or weird shit, I hope you enjoy and find yourself curious, delighted, and inspired. 

Have a great week.